Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Easterly Trade Winds Over the Equatorial Pacific Ocean Have Disappeared Over the Last 5 Days or So!

UPDATED 22/09/2019 09:25 AEST
FURTHER UPDATED 28/09/2019 14:20 AEST

If you want to find out why go to the following post:

UPDATE 22/09/2019

On the 21 September 00:00 UTC, the equatorial trade winds in the Western Pacific are still dead, as far east as 165W!

Shown below are the Sea-Surface Temperature Anomalies (SSTA) for the 6th of September 00:00 UTC (on the right) and the 21st September 00:00UTC (on the left).

Note that warm surface water in the Western Pacific has moved eastward by ~ 3,300 km in 15 days.

The battle in between the warmer waters in the Western Pacific and the cooler waters in the Eastern Pacific Oceans.

Update 28/09/2019

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