Saturday, November 9, 2019

Keeping Track of the Latest MJO Event - 09/11/2019 15:00 UT

The tradewinds have died over the western half of the Equatorial Pacific Ocean!


There is one piece of telling evidence that links this phenomenon to the lunar tides. 

The following image shows a comparison between the current 1000 hPa wind map  [10-11-2019 03:00 UTC - on the right] with the corresponding 1000 hPa wind map almost exactly 2.0 tropical months (= 54.6 days) earlier [17-09-2019 03:00 UTC - on the left] [N.B. This is a difference equivalent to 54.0 days]. 

In addition (to within 4.0 hours) these images closely correspond to times when the sub-lunar point is crossing the Earth's equator (moving from southwest to northeast along the lunar orbit), as shown in the next image.

Coincidence? Not likely!! 

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