Monday, April 29, 2019

A 2013 Prediction of Severe Drought in South-Eastern Australia in 2019, Willfully Ignored by the Australian Government.

The following shows the front page of Dr. Ian R.G. Wilson's submission to the 2013 Australian Senate Committee on Recent Trends in and Preparedness for Extreme Weather Events.

106Dr Ian Wilson (PDF 903KB

As you can see, there is an unequivocal prediction on the front cover of this report that states that: "South-Eastern Australia needs to prepare for hot dry conditions in the summer of 2019 and possible extensive flooding in 2029".

The Australian Senate and the Australian Government willfully ignored this prediction, leaving it totally unprepared for the terrible suffering of Australia's rural/farming communities bought on by one of the severest droughts in Australian history.

The Australian Government continues to ignore the main conclusions of this submission.   

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