Thursday, May 24, 2018

A Temporary Post of Diagram


  1. Why has the graph not been update to 2017?
    An interesting theory.

  2. Sorry David109, I have been away for a few days and so my reply is delayed somewhat.

    This is figure 6 from our 2008 paper:

    Wilson, I.R.G., Carter, B.D., and Waite, I.A., 2008, Does a Spin-Orbit Coupling Between the Sun and the Jovian Planets Govern the Solar Cycle?, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia, 2008, 25, 85 – 93.

    If you extend the plot forward in time, you get a negative number of years that the syzygies of Jupiter and Saturn are ahead of the time of solar maximum for solar cycle 24:

    Jupiter-Saturn Syzygy around February 2011
    Sunspot maximum April 2014
    Difference in years -3.2 years

    Which indicated that solar cycle 24 would be weak.

    However, there has been considerable additional work done on this topic since 2008.


    Wilson, I.R.G.: The Venus–Earth–Jupiter spin–orbit coupling model, Pattern Recogn. Phys., 1, 147-158