Friday, February 8, 2013

Do you think that Moon might have something to do with the onset of El Ninos?

Update: 18/02/2013

And could this connection be the result of the fact that if you plot the rate of change of the Earth's Length of Day (LOD) [with the atmospheric component removed] against time [starting in 1962] you find that there is a ~ 6 year periodicity that is phase-locked with the 6 year period that it takes the lunar line-of-nodes aligns to re-align with the lunar line-of-apse.?

[Note that in this case the line-of-nodes and line-of-apse are just re-aligning with each other. They do not necessarily realign with the Sun]



  1. Just an added note:

    The title above is a rhetorical one.

  2. Note: The first graph predicts an El Nino in 2014 (and possibly 2029 if the 31 year pattern continues).